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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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already received tens of thousands of ballots. the department now has to work through 93,000 more ballots that are still pouring into city hall. >> everything after that initial count, we have to restart the process so preprocessed to flow into the tabulators. >> 93,000 number. that number had actually gone down to 90,000 last night. now thgot that down to 87,000 by tabulating all those votes. but then today they received an additional 5,000 votes. so that means that they are now back up to 93,000 votes a lot of votes still to go through with the margin still tightening. the department of elections will continuing accepting ballots with a tuesday postmark until friday and is tabulating them as they roll in. the department is saying that some organizations may project
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a winner in this race over the weekend. so again, this race still tightening. one final note, earlier today we were inside city hall in the department of elections and while we were there, we saw representatives from both london breed's campaign and mark leno's campaign in the department of elections monitoring the votes. they are keeping a close eye on the race. you said it before, frank. the margins in this race now razor-thin, just 255 votes separating the two out of 148,500 votes counted so far. the count continues and we'll get our next update at 4 p.m. tomorrow as more votes continue to be counted. clearly this one is still a nail-biter here in san francisco. >> so how many votes can they count per day and again, as you said, are we looking probably at saturday or sunday before we finally know who has won the race for mayor of san
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francisco? >> reporter: well, so that is -- the department of elections says they are going to certify the results at some later date. it will take longer to certify before the projected winner because at some point the math will work out in such a way that those who can predict will say yes, we can call the race one way or another. they can count 15,000 to 20,000 votes a day. that means they are counting each one of these cards individually and it's a four- card ballot so they are processing through as many as they possibly can. keep in mind this might not all be over even once we get the results because one of these candidates with a margin like this might very well ask for a recount. if they ask, it could be anything from having the minutes kick through the numbers one more time to a hand recount which would take a long time and would be very expensive. remember, the person who asks for that recount has to pay
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for it. >> christien kafton outside city hall in san francisco tonight, thank you. also in san francisco, we are following some developing news this evening. police have now just confirmed that two people have been shot in the city's mission district. the gunfire was first record about 3 p.m. near treat and cesar chavez streets. we are told that both of those victims are now in the hospital. unfortunately, though, there's no word on their conditions. stay with ktvu news, though. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up in our 6:00 hour. well, the tesla model x that crashed in mountain view sped up seconds before crashing according to federal officials. 38-year-old walter han was killed in the crash. the ntsb report says that three seconds before the crash, the car sped up from 62 to 71 miles per hour. it did not brake before slamming into a highway barrier and catching fire on highway 101 back on march 23rd. the report says that the driver was using tesla's auto
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pilot system almost continuously for about 19 minutes before the crash. the ntsb says the cause remains under investigation. tesla says that drivers should not rely on autopilot to avoid a collision. nearly 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks off the streets tonight after one of the biggest fireworks bust in california history. and some of those fireworks were taken off the streets of the bay area. cal fire says 7 people are now in custody in connection with this bust. ktvu's paul chambers has been following the story and has more. >> it started after they received a tip from a person living in the central valley leading them to arresting 7 people and seizing fireworks from six different cities in our state. reporter: these are some of the people that cal fire say were arrested for illegally importing, storing, distributing and selling nearly 25 tons of dangerous fireworks all over the state for more than 30 years. >> when you talk about a stockpile of illegal ordnance coming into the state from all
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over this countries that piles higher than this state capital, four semi truck trailers full of what are essentially weapons of wildfire. >> reporter: here's a pictures of some of the confiscated fireworks. cal fire says the majority of them originated in montana and nevada where the fireworks are legal. most of them are aerial fireworks like those you see at shows. cal fire says roughly $43 million in direct property damage is a result of fireworks each year in our state which leads on average to more than 18,000 fires, 40 injuries and three deaths. >> that means fewer fires, fewer injuries, fewer deaths, less property damage and less impact to the environment, seized fireworks more n. than $115,000 in cash, firearms and other items in the raid, which happened in modesto, hayward, walnut creek, oakland and other places. those arrested face felony and
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misdemeanor charges. and now that they have these illegal items off the street, the next part is tougher, getting rid of them. >> our communities have as to store these and find an opportunity to dispose of them property. they contain hazardous materials that are hard. we can't just put them in any old landfill. >> the legislature is going to step up and i'll be working with governor brown to introduce legislation to see through his proposal. >> reporter: now, what he is referring to is the governor is proposing an increase in funding for enforcement and education with the proper disposal of illegal fireworks. governor brown added it to his may budget revision. >> paul chambers in our newsroom tonight, thank you. san francisco police investigated a shooting that took the life of a woman in the city's mission terrace neighborhood. the gunfire was reported on mission street near santa rosa avenue just after 11:00 this morning. the woman died at the hospital this afternoon. the circumstances of this shooting are under investigation. and we are told so far, no arrests have been made. oakland police say they will step up patrols after a
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man was shot during last night's warriors watch party in the parking lot of oracle arena. our ktvu crime reporter henry lee live outside the arena with what happened. >> reporter: well, heather, game 4 is tomorrow night in cleveland. but many warriors fans will be here at oracle arena and so will oakland police and sheriff's deputies. reporter: the shooting happened in the parking lot of the oracle arena at about 9 p.m. wednesday. the violence cast a pall over the warriors' win over cleveland in game 3. >> it's a concern for everyone. >> reporter: warriors fans have come to the arena to cheer on golden state. most had already left. but a few were still in the parking lot. that's when an argument started between two groups of people leading to numerous gunshots being fired. >> it appears at this time that the parties weren't known to each other, that it was a verbal argument, a
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disagreement, that led up to the shooting. >> reporter: a 35-year-old man was hit twice by gunfire. he had nonlife-threatening injuries and was in stable condition at a hospital. police say this was an isolated incident and that the victim was targeted but not by any cav fans. >> all the individuals that were involved in this argument were all wearing the same team colors. so it wasn't a rivalry between two teams. >> reporter: the warriors and oracle arena are hosting another watch party for game 4 this friday. and police say there will be extra officers on hand. there will also be security and metal detectors inside the arena. >> we want everyone to know that when they come out to the watch party on friday night, this is a celebration, a safe place for everyone. >> we are here to support that and keep it safe, keep it positive. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf says most fans in blue and gold know to stay out of a black and white. >> and oakland has had a great track record of responsible
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positive celebration. we intend to keep it that way. so we encourage everybody to celebrate the warriors but do it in a way that's respectful of your neighbor. >> reporter: so the bottom line is oakland police and the mayor hope that any aggression stays on the court tomorrow night in a hoped-for win against the cavaliers. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a man accused of shooting a gun at a san jose elementary school is back in jail without bail. 21-year-old nicholas o'connor made an appearance in court yesterday. o'connor was arrested last november after he allegedly used a shotgun to shoot the security cameras at bookson elementary school. he went to school in the district. since then he has been attending utah state university while free on $150,000 bail. according to prosecutor, he contacted several students at utah state asking them to buy
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parts to build a weapon. one student contacted the santa clara district attorney and o'connor was arrested and returned to california on a bail violation last week. a local community organization today launched a new effort to try to clean up an area long known as one of san francisco's dirtiest neighborhoods. the goal is to give the streets of the tenderloin a whole new look. the tenderloin community benefit district is tackling this clean-up project with help from san francisco city hall. it involves breaking up the tenderloin into what the group called micro-neighborhoods with separate clean-up crews focusing on specific areas. >> our current approach to cleaning is we have a route based system in the whole district so someone might get to a certain sidewalk once a day so the innovation behind this is we're signing one person to walk up and down a few blocks of the micro- neighborhood so it becomes their beat. >> the group already received a $50,000 grant from the city that will begin paying for the first micro-neighborhood. and the organization is now in the process of raising money
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to cover clean-up costs for 5 other neighborhoods there in the tenderloin. a stop at a northern california in-n-out quickly turned into panic when a van full of dogs was stolen. coming up tonight at 5:30, we talk to the van's owner who was trying to get those animals to a bay area dog show. >> and we're live in cleveland where the warriors have the chance to wrap up an incredible third tight until four seasons. but you know the cavs will do whatever it takes to extend the series. we will look ahead just ahead. >> and it warmed up a little bit today. temperatures about 8 degrees warmer in some places. fog is not really a big deal. i'll let you know what to expect for your weekend. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake.
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president trump says he is willing to invite north korean leader kim jong-un to the united states and possibly even the white house if next week's summit in singapore goes well. the president made those remarks today during a joint news conference with japanese prime minister shinso abe. lauren blanchard reports from washington, d.c. reporter: north korea a major focus at the white house as final preparations are under way ahead of the upcoming singapore summit. president trump welcoming japanese prime minister shinso abe to washington. the two meeting in the oval office ahead of a press conference in the rose garden. the president's summit with kim jong-un at the forefront of the talks. >> i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. >> reporter: details about next week's meet having starting to take shape. it's set to take place at the capella hotel on sentosa
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island in singapore. the city state has experience hosting such gatherings and has had diplomatic relations with pyongyang since 1975. >> diplomatic efforts is different from past efforts. our efforts give us hope that we can find real success where past efforts have fallen short. >> reporter: president trump's goal is trying to get north korea to abandon its nuclear program. but the administration has warned a deal might not happen during this trip. >> we are not going to accomplish all our goals at this one summit. but if we can open the door toward accomplishing those goals, the summit will have been a success. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo as well as the presidents of china and south korea have all met with kim jong-un ahead of the summit. but the leader of ren blanchard, fox news. so this is one of those highlights -- >> shot clock at 5. kevin durant way outside, delivers!
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kevin durant from downtown! it's a six-point game! >> pretty much never gets old. one of those highlights that warriors fans will always remember. kevin durant with that three- pointer. now the warriors one win away from their third nba championship in four years. scott reiss reports from cleveland. >> reporter: yes. all quiet here, guys, outside quicken loans arena which is a stark contrast to last night and certainly to what we will see tomorrow night prior to game 4. and you mentioned it. the warriors in position to sweep the cavs out of the nba finals and join a select group of teams that have won three nba championships in four seasons. now, the "dubs" did get a practice in today at least most of them did. klay thompson gave the ankle a rest and he watched e sidelines. draymond green, well, he messed around a little bit. everybody else except for steph curry got their shots
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up. curry was the only warriors who didn't make an appearance. really this was all a formality. they have obviously done this drill before with the chance to clinch. the crazy thing is, they have gotten to this point without even playing their best basketball for an extended period. >> now that we are one game away, we would like to eliminate that inconsistency and put forth our best effort, our best game tomorrow. and that's the plan. >> we have been in this situation before. you know, we know what to expect. um, we know what type of team they have and, um, how they're gonna come out. >> it helps just knowing what's ahead of you, knowing what it takes, knowing that there's a light that's incredible at the end of the tunnel. um, just helps you push through it. >> reporter: of course, the cavs players many of them have also been through this before, this uphill battle against the warriors. they know it's nearly impossible to come back from a 3-0 deficit. it's never been done before in
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the finals. no way to know exactly how they will come out tomorrow. i can, however, put to bed the rumors that they will install custom hoops for the cavs to shoot at tomorrow night to try and level the playing field and give them a puncher's chance in the series. >> that's my kind of -- ha ha! my kind of hoop there. scott, so, you know, obviously cleveland's back against the wall. i'm sure they are going to come out fired up. but there is that small part where i think a lot of people would love to see if the warriors by chance lose tomorrow, the warriors winning the championship at oracle next monday night. that would be pretty cool. >> reporter: i'm sure there is a contingency among the fans that would rather see them clinch in five. the players i can assure you do not ascribe to that line of thought. i broached the subject with shaun livingston, is there a small part of you that would like to do it at home in game five? he said no. because we did it last year and we won it at home a year ago. i think that got the home
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clinch out of the system. now it's just get it done, doesn't matter where or when. >> scott reiss in cleveland tonight, thank you. >> going to be an exciting game. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist bill martin for a look at the forecast and another really pleasant day out there. >> it's going to continue a little bit. temperatures -- we have been saying this, as heather mentioned, high temperature, low temperature, um, fluctuation, literally for the entire spring and as we go into summer and it continues as you see here. today's temperatures warmed up a little bit. it's going up and down. it's not a big dipper roller coaster but kind of a roller coaster still. by tuesday the mid-90s which is by no means a heat wave, just warmer, about where we should be into monday and tuesday. so a nice weekend ahead. you can see where the heat is you know. it's really about the south and the central south on this
5:20 pm
area phoenix and out towards eastern -- or west texas. this system here it's kind of windy today. this is still that same system here which is bogging up the works a little bit. but it gradually weakens. you actually can see it's weaker than yesterday at this point and that weakening is what will allow the high to establish itself with a little more fervor and with that, we'll see temperatures warm up. air quality won't be as great. fire danger will come up a little bit, as well. got some wind. winds were blowing. we had some 30-mile-an-hour gusts in parts of the delta and out by sfo. yeah, 33 miles an hour at fairfield, gusts there. and so that's a function of that high building in. gusts at 30 at sfo. a little warmer today. but by no means again not a heat wave on the way. just not as cool as it has been. right now, temperatures -- well, here's now and it's 8 degrees warmer in concord. concord is only 76 degrees. yet it's 8 degrees warmer right now than it was last night at this time.
5:21 pm
so you see it's really been kind of a cooldown. slow warmup. feels warmer today but it's still below average for many. and as you go into the forecast, this homes weakens a little bit. so we -- this low pressure center weakens a little bit. so we go slightly warmer on friday. slightly cooler on saturday. and then it goes. high pressure comes in and we get very warm on sunday, monday and tuesday. there's the fog, patchy fog tomorrow morning. the fog has had a rough time forming but as that low weakens, the high will let the fog establish itself a little bit better. nice looking weekend ahead, though. no heat wave, just warmer. see you back here. "heal the bay" puts out a report card on beach pollution. northern california has seven of the ten worst in the state. >> and later coming up new at 6:00 a violent attack caught on camera. a man in a suit kicking another man on the street. the search tonight for the attacker.
5:22 pm
>> also, a major announcement expected from oakland city council member rebecca kaplan after speculation that she is planning to run for mayor in november. that's coming up at 6:00.
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e summer season is to begin, and the bad beach report is out. according to an organization called "heal the bay," seven of california's worst beaches are here in northern california. ktvu's tom vacar is at lakeshore parks marina lagoon
5:25 pm
in san mateo and tom, that made the bummer beach list. >> reporter: it's at the top of the list for the bay area. in fact, of those 10 bottom beaches in all of california, four of them are right here in the bay area. reporter: there are 118 northern california beaches. in northern california, two bummer beaches are in humboldt county. one is in santa cruz county and four are in san mateo county. >> the bay area's most polluted beach and california's second most polluted beach is lakeshore beach here in san mateo. >> reporter: two poor water circulation and high bacteria counts. >> weak circulation and waves lowers the dilution rate at the site. >> reporter: at number three linda mar beach on the pacific due to polluted runoff from nearby san pedro creek. >> located at the mouth of
5:26 pm
flowing streams and creeks often have elevated bacteria levels due to many pollution sources draining into the creek and out into the ocean. >> i don't like it. i come here to surf with my family and children. so yeah, i don't like it if it's polluted, of course. >> reporter: number five, half moon bay's roosevelt beach with high bacteria counts when it rains. number 10, half moon bay's surfers beach, also with high bacteria when it rains. >> rain flushes contaminants and bacteria sources from our streets including fertilizer, pet waste and automotive fluids into our urban make our money off >> reporter: but fear not because the report card is mostly stellar. in fact, bean hollow state beach near pescadero in san mateo county was a plus, one of the state's consistently cleanest beaches. >> 96% of the 400 beaches monitored throughout california during the summer
5:27 pm
dry weather which runs from april through october receive very good to excellent a or b grades. in northern california, 80% of the 96 monitored beaches received an a or b grade during the summer months. >> reporter: you can check out realtime pollution levels at four popular beaches including ocean beach, rio del mar and cowell beaches near santa cruz as well as the beach in humboldt county at one final note. here at this particular lagoon beach, the problem is not enough water washing in and out because it's really kind of a river, but it's not a very strong flowing river because it's really not a river, it's more of an estuary. but the primary cause here is goose poop. when these geese come in and they leave their feces all over the place, it gets into the water and creates this problem. and the city has a very robust plan to deal with it without killing the geese. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> so i get that these beaches made the list. but i'm curious if we were to speak in practical terms, if you have a family and you want to go to one of these beaches, what does this report mean? >> reporter: the thing that's important is you want to go to one of these beaches, you just to go down there and look at the signage except for the ones online and more and more are coming online. you have to look at the signage. if there are any warnings, like for example, they have a sign here that says that there is a bacteria problem here but today there's no such thing and says it's open. you're welcome to use the beach. so it really -- you have to check in advance and sometimes that means having to go to the beach. but not far away were beaches from there that were very, very good shape. >> yeah. just be prepared and check ahead as you mentioned. all right. tom, thank you so much. a rough start to a trip to the bay area for a dog show. a van that was filled with dogs stolen from a fast-food parking lot. fortunately there is a happy ending to this tale.
5:29 pm
>> and millions of dollars now available to help survivors of domestic violence. we'll tell you about the additional services set to be offered in the south bay. >> plus, another deadline is come and gone for the scooter companies in san francisco. what these companies had to have done by 5:00 this afternoon. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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redding police found a stolen van with 14 show dogs inside today. the good news is all the dogs are healthy and safe. it was stolen from the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant and a lot of people were worried. all of them were on the way to an international dog show in vallejo called woo f. scott. reporter: happy ending here to this story, rob. >> well, frank, there is tremendous relief here at woof stock. it's here on the solano county fairgrounds. here our star attractions that you see now. this is where that van was
5:33 pm
headed when it was stolen yesterday. reporter: their dogs are safe. redding police say they found the 14 dogs locked in the stolen van stressed, hot, thirsty but otherwise okay. they were all checked out by veterinarians. we spoke by phone to the van's owner, tony carter, who was shaken by what happened. >> this was the most horrific scariest thing i have ever,ever in my entire life i have ever come across or been involved with. so how i'm feeling is i cannot be more thankful. >> reporter: carter was headed in a dodge van like this one from washington state to the woofstock dog show in vallejo. on wednesday afternoon he stopped at an in-n-out burger in redding and left the motor running. >> the air-conditioning had to stay on even though we weren't planning on being there but just for a few short minutes because it was hot. >> reporter: within minutes
5:34 pm
the van and dog were gone. this image was released. a $30,000 reward was offered. acting on a tip thursday morning, police found the van parked in direct sunlight in a gully on a rural road in south redding. they broke a window and animal control helped get them out. >> our dogs are our family. they are family members are. they are family members. all i can say. they are just -- they're part of our life, part of our hearts. >> reporter: here at woofstock, the four-day international dog show with the '60s it. ye-dyed theme. this is where they were supposed to come and people are glad they're safe. >> not many of us slept last night because you're worried about the dogs. >> they didn't suffer from any heat exhaustion or anything like that. that's the best part of the whole story.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: police have made no arrests. as for the van owner, he size he will doubt he will come to the show. he would rather just go back -- he says he doubt he will come to the show. he would rather just go back home. >> thank you. the 5 p.m. deadline has come and gone for motorized scooter companies to apply for a permit in san francisco. in april electric rideshare scooters popped up everywhere and complaints rolled in. the city received at least 1800 complaints about scooters blocking sidewalks and making it dangerous for pedestrians. the city ordered those companies to pull all of their scooters off the streets and start over again with a new permit process. >> right now, we have about four or five companies that sent in applications. we'll approve up to five permits for five different companies. >> the city hopes to complete reviewing those applications
5:36 pm
by the end of this month. the numbers allowed on the street will be capped at 1250 for the first six months and then the city will allow up to 2500 scooters if all goes well. builders say an affordable housing complex in east oakland is on a fastrak now. today the builder used a crane to set prefab modules in place. the five-story building is called coliseum connections. it's going up across from the coliseum bart station at 71st avenue. it will offer 110 units of housing with half of those units at below market rates. the builder says using modular units means the building will be finished four months earlier than traditional construction and at a savings of 10%. the units are already fully finished. >> all we are is grown men playing with legos. and that's really the truth of it. i mean, we're -- we just build these modules in the factory and they will be -- depending on what the design is, could you have one module may have two one bedroom units in it,
5:37 pm
one may have just a kitchen, dining room, on one side of the corridor, kitchen dining room on the other side of the corridor. >> the city of oakland is paying half of the $56 million cost. the building will be completed in january. an accused human trafficker who investigators say victimized a teen by forcing her into sex work will now face justice. district attorney george gascon here in san francisco has charged the 19-year-old with several tracks of human trafficking as well as other charges including drugs. investigators found the suspect using an online service to advertise and set up encounters with his 17-year- old victims. the d.a. is saying this is just one of many cases that needs to be pursued. >> if we really are serious about looking at human trafficking in a holistic way, we have to fund the work. >> nunez has already had his initial appearance before a judge and has been released pending his next appearance. the district attorney says the
5:38 pm
investigation is continuing and that he hopes to announce more charges and possibly more defendants down the line. leaders in the south bay today announced that they are allocating millions of dollars to help domestic violence survivors. maureen naylor tells us how the money will help. >> i started to realize if i didn't leave he would kill me. >> reporter: rachel says she is a domestic violence survivor. the morgan hill mother describes what happened when she was in her early 20s with an abusive boyfriend. >> he had taken me out into a field and told me to scream because nobody would hear me and he could kill me and nobody would find me. >> thank you. >> reporter: castro was one of the women who spoke at the santa clara county building thursday, where leaders announced the proposed budget includes $5 million to help domestic violence victims, which is a 400% increase. >> and the reason we need more resources is we really want to be able to provide support to people so that if they choose
5:39 pm
to leave that relationship, they have an option to get out. >> reporter: county leaders say crisis hotlines here get 20,000 calls a year with about 60 shelter beds to serve a county of 2 million people. >> it's difficult for individuals in crisis who are trying to get one of those beds. >> reporter: the new funding could mean expanding services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. they include a 24-hour crisis hotline, legal and housing assistance, and possibly testing a new model. >> some models internationally where survivors stay in their home and the abusers are the ones that are forced to leave so there could be some pilot funding for something like that. it's a really exciting opportunity. >> castro now works for a nonprofit helping other domestic violence survivors. >> it was really through the grace of god that i was able to keep him away from me by telling him if you come after me, i'm going to turn you in. >> reporter: the money
5:40 pm
allocated won't be official until the santa clara county board of supervisors approves its budget in june. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. two good samaritans killed on a northern california freeway. coming up, how they were trying to help another driver when they were both hit and killed. >> plus, it's a question that we have always wondered. is there life on mars? details about the latest discovery made by the mars rover that's been exploring mars for six years.
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
nasa officials announced a discovery about the rover curiosity on mars. it landed in august of 2012. it began drilling into the martian surface for the first time in 18 months and scientists discovered organic compounds and say it's the next step in figuring out if mars is inhabitable or once was. >> we found organic molecules in rocks from an ancient lakebed. those organic molecules could have come from life! we don't know that there was ever life on mars. >> they found the molecules in rocks in an ancient lakebed. people seeking asylum at
5:44 pm
the u.s./mexico border have told it could be three weeks before they could be heard. hundreds of people are sleeping on boxes waiting for border agents to hear their cases. similar scenes are playing out in other border towns, as well. u.s. customs and border protection says the delays are due to capacity constraints. but they say those long waits are only temporary. the chp has now released some harrowing video footage of a rescue at yosemite national park. the highway patrol conducted a rescue at the park back on may 4th when a 47-year-old hiker from montana fell more than 200 feet down a steep cliff on north dome. rescuers got him into a stretcher and into a helicopter. he was taken to the hospital in fresno where he was listed in serious condition. still to come, two men stopped to help when they come across a crash on the side of the road and they ended up being killed by another driver. in a moment, more on the death of the two good samaritans. >> and we are headed for a
5:45 pm
weekend here with warmer or increasing temperatures. so get ready for that. we are going to see some 90s back in the forecast.
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5:47 pm
two people were killed in a crash on highway 99 in south sacramento early this morning while trying to help a victim in another crash. the initial crash was reported at about 2 a.m. in the northbound lanes near the stockton boulevard exit. now, one of the cars had flipped over and two people helped the driver out of the car to the side of the road and then both of them returned
5:48 pm
to the car to see if anyone else was inside. and that's when a third vehicle slammed into the overturned car killing those two good samaritans. >> the the cause is under investigation. at this point we don't know if alcohol was a factor. >> the victims' names haven't been released yet but they were both men. one was just 21. the other was 22. a pit bull is being called a hero after she helped save some people from a burning building over the weekend. we have an explanation of how the dog jumped into action when the fire broke out at a fourplex in stockton. >> reporter: on east yorkshire drive in stockton a little after midnight on sunday an unlikely hero saved people from a fire.
5:49 pm
eight-month-old pit bull sasha banged on the backyard door. >> i opened it and she runs in and starts backing at me like hey, like okay this is weird. this is not her. >> reporter: she noticed her cousin's building was on fire and raced into the bedroom to grab her 7-month-old daughter when she saw sasha by her. >> she already had my baby by the diaper and dragging her off the bed. i was like oh, my god, didn't to what he was doing. >> reporter: fire crews responded within minutes. although the flames only reached the attic, her home sun livable. she and her cousin are staying with their aunt that also lived in the fourplex. as they try to start over after losing their homes, nona is thankful for the dog and hopes it changes people's views of pit bulls as family pets. >> it meant a lot. i owe her everything. if it wasn't for her i probably would still have been in bed and could have -- could have took a worse hit. >> reporter: she said it was one of the rare nights where she left the dog outside and
5:50 pm
it likely ended up being the reason everyone made it out alive. >> a real dog hero. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin to find out more about your local weather, making plans for the weekend bill. i was asking you yesterday about how things are shaping up on saturday. people want to know about the weekend. >> last few weekends have been good. this weekend is the same. earlier this week was about the cooldown, the winds the temperatures today on the rebound as we head towards the weekend. there will be a slight fluctuation on saturday. by sunday and monday temperatures warm up rapidly. big graduation weekend as well for a lot of the local schools, jr. high and high school tomorrow most likely for many. these were the numbers from today. highs tomorrow will eclipse these by four or five degrees. tomorrow might see some mid- 80s. today was upper 70s, low 80s and sort of roller coaster if
5:51 pm
you will of temperatures sort of continues but an upward trend next week with temperatures probably by sunday into the low 90s. that's not a heat wave. it's warmer than it was, has been, warmer than we have been most of the spring. we haven't had -- how many "spare the air" days have we had? not very many. that's atypical. the low continues to hinder the production of the high, the heat production of the high but it's weakening, the low, enough that the high is able to establish itself with more fog at the coast and more heat inland. more typical for this time of the year, temperatures running a little bit ahead of where they were last night at this time by five to eight degrees. a little patchy fog at the coast as we have seen the last few nights. more fog tonight and early tomorrow morning. in san francisco, right there it is, patchy fog in the morning for friday. lunchtime, you're about 58 degrees partly sunny. this works for oakland and
5:52 pm
sausalito. and it works for, eh, for san francisco airport. fair skies in the afternoon. san francisco makes 64 degrees. other cities will be warmer. there's the fog in the morning. the forecast highs tomorrow, the high is stronger so we'll see more low to mid-80s tomorrow. these patterns are nice because we are not doing the typical air quality or fire stories or even gloomy fog stories. the only thing that's inclement is the stronger winds we are seeing out in the delta and towards altamont. >> some of the views, though, boy. >> beautiful. >> thank you. disaster teams in guatemala have now raised the official death toll from this week's volcano disaster to 109. that's following the discovery of 10 more bodies this morning. the search for survivors has
5:53 pm
been temporarily suspended due to the dangerous conditions for rescue workers and that has some distraught loved ones of the missing trying to do the risky rescue work themselves using crude tools very close to the hot lava. u.s. consulate workers overseas hit by a mystery illness again. the american workers are being evacuated from a chinese city as the u.s. tries to track down what happened. >> and in minutes, coming up new at 6:00 a violent attack caught on camera. we'll see what happens right there. another man, the man in the suit, kicking another man who was sleeping on the street. the search tonight for that man with the briefcase.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the cdc says suicides are
5:56 pm
on the rise in the united states. in a report out today, researchers say the suicide rate rose in nearly every state over the past 15 years. the western u.s. including northern california had some of the highest rates in the country. suicide is now the tenth leading cause of death in the united states with nearly 14 suicides per 100,000 residents. the study is stressing the need for more prevention resources but the cdc says predicting suicides is difficult. >> we found that more than half of suicides occurred in people without a previous mental health diagnosis. this is a major public health problem. but we know that prevention programs work and can be effective in reducing this tragedy. >> the report comes at a time when the issue of suicide is in the headlines following the suicide designer kate spade earlier this week. her husband said she had
5:57 pm
suffered from depression. the cdc reports says in many cases of suicide, economic circumstances played a major role especially during the recession. a mystery illness has now forced the evacuation of staff at a u.s. consulate in china. this isn't the first diplomatic officials overseas that have been hit by the concussion-like symptoms. reporter garrett tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: the state department is evacuating a number of government workers from a u.s. consulate in southern china after several reported suffering symptoms similar to those in a mild brain injury after hearing a mysterious sensation of sound and pressure. the symptoms which include headache, balance problems, sleep disturbances and visual and hearing difficulties are eerily similar to those reported by embassy staff in cuba last year. >> we are working to figure out what took place both in havana and in china now, as well. we have asked the chinese for their assistance in doing that. and they have committed to
5:58 pm
honoring their commitments and the vienna convention to keep american foreign service officers safe. >> reporter: today china's foreign ministry announced it will cooperate with the investigation into the unexplained health issues but said so far, their own investigation has come up empty. >> what i can tell you is that china has investigated the suspected sonic attack against the u.s. embassy and consulate staff in china in quite a responsible manner but we have not found any organization or individual who conducted such an attack. >> reporter: u.s. medical teams are screening additional americans who work in the southern chinese city and a number of u.s. officials are saying they expect the number of folks affected to go up. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. developing news out of san francisco where tonight police are on the scene of a triple shooting with one of the
5:59 pm
victims killed. presence in the mission district tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. it all happened at about 3:20 this afternoon on treat avenue just off cesar chavez street. we get more now on this developing story from jana katsuyama live at the scene with new information. >> reporter: this scene stretches for about a block and either way we're on treat way and i'm going to step aside so you can see how far this goes down. it extends around the corner to camille which is the next block up and then through that area. we understand this year is called the bernal apartments. and they are processing the scene right now. but there is a lot of evidence we are told -- take a look at some video we shot earlier today. police are telling us that they are still trying to figure out if this shooting happened off the property and then came onto the property or if it started here. they are also saying that with all of the evidence here, they are trying to figure out if
6:00 pm
any bullets pierced any of the residences. there's no word on whether a weapon has been found in this. there is a car as well that's here on scene surrounded by the crime tape. it appears to have a bullet hole or possibly several bullet holes but they haven't been able to identify or tell us yet whether this is connected directly to this shooting. now, we did talk earlier to the spokesman for san francisco zuckerberg general hospital. he says that they got a call around 3:30 this afternoon to expect victims coming in. here's what he told us just a short while ago. >> we received one victim in an ambulance, two drove their own vehicles to get here. the victims were all males in their 20s. speed always plays a factor in


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